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About Me and My Services

Personal Trainer

I train clients at the Greenwich YMCA, and in their homes in Greenwich, CT and Rye, NY.

I'm a NASM certified personal trainer, one of the

premier and most well respected certifications in the

industry. My goal is to help clients develop individualized strategies to improve their health, exercise and emotional well-being. I love working with clients at all levels who want to improve their fitness levels, and I have a special interest in helping seniors, those with chronic conditions and clients returning to training after a hiatus.

I've always been sporty. I've taught paddle boarding, surfing and yoga when I lived in Montauk, and I'm an experienced rower. These experiences have made me appreciate the importance of strength balance and cardio in any personal training routine, no matter your level of fitness or age.


When I work with a new client, we discuss your goals and I give you an assessment to determine your existing strength, flexibility, and cardio fitness. I design a program and we begin working together. After a few months, we reassess your progress and we decide what areas we might want to work on. 


Prior to becoming  a trainer and writer, I attended medical school for three years. Acquiring a strong sense of anatomy has helped me and my clients benefit from that knowledge. Learn more.

Freelance writer

I craft thoughtful, well-researched articles on a wide array of topics for magazines, newspapers, and other outlets, with a focus on health and science, as a result of attending medical school.  In addition, I create select corporate healthcare content. I have ten years of experience as an editor, with a special expertise in memoir, and I pride myself on my ability to help writers produce their very best work.

When I'm not in the gym or working on my next health and fitness story, I'm hiking at Todd's point in Greenwich. Learn more.

about me

What My Clients Are Saying

"Anna inspired me to get back to the gym to work on my fitness routine and start losing weight again, and stay motivated to work on my goals of getting healthier and energized."

—Laura Ciccone,

private training client

`"Besides being a lyrical writer, Anna has an analytical, science-oriented brain and a passion for health writing. Whatever I assign  her, I know that I'll end up with something insightful and a joy to read."

—Paula Derrow,

former articles director, SELF

"Anna assisted in the development of synopses, summaries and a presentation for a new show I was pitching. She is smart and insightful, someone I know I can count on."


—Donna Vermeer,

 Vermeer Pictures

"Anna helped me to develop my memoir plus an essay that she helped me to publish. She is highly skilled at her craft. I’d recommend Anna to all aspiring memoir and essay writers."

— Lisa Smith, 

memoir client

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anna.marrian @ gmail dot com


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