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Editing Projects

I will take your essay, memoir or non-fiction work–no matter its stage of completion or content—and craft it into page-turning, scintillating prose. We’ll discuss your vision and strategy and determine the best approach to produce a finished project. Whether you have a completed manuscript, a work in progress, or the seed of an idea, I can offer development and editing help to move it forward. What ever your needs, I can make your words come alive.

Here's a deep dive into my editing process:

For a manuscript draft, I read it and look at what's working on the page and what's not. How's the pacing, plot, scene depth, description and voice?  Is it well balanced or could it be tweaked?   


Then you or I update, whatever you prefer. 

Below is a sampling of my editing work:

  • I have edited a book about puppy mills in America.

  • I helped Kristy Murphy–former women’s longboard champion–to  revamp her web site from strategy to content for Siren Surf Adventures.

  • I worked with Dr. Howard Bruckner to develop and edit his chemo therapy articles for peer-reviewed journals, focusing on his novel, low-dose, combination method.

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