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A Selection of My Published Writing

As a freelance writer and freelance editor, my work has appeared in a wide variety of outlets, including Brain & Life, EveryDay Health, Catapult, Self, Newsweek, The Observer, Behind The Bedroom Door, Glamour, Modern Bride, The New York Times, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, The Village Voice, Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, Berkeley Wellness and Diversity Woman. Here's a sampling:

Science & Health and Wellness

Brain &  Life

Honoring Heroes on the Front Lines  June/July 2020


Introvert or Extrovert: What Are Your Best Virtual Options for Social Connection? April 2020

Diversity Woman

Time to Join the Cannabis Club? Spring 2020

Tackling Negative Thinking Winter 2018

If the Shoe Fits Summer 2017

Rutgers University

Two white papers for Rutgers University on Disaster Preparedness & Neuroscience

Private Client 

Edited cancer articles for H. Bruckner, MD on his novel, low-dose, multi-agent chemotherapy method.

Berkeley Wellness

These Psychedelics May Soon be Legal January 2018

Breathe Away Holiday Stress December 2017

Fiber May Improve Osteoarthritis August 2017

Meditation: What’s Best for You? March 2017

Psychedelic Drugs for Treating PTSD and Depression January 2017

Yoga: What’s Best For You? March 2016

Floatation Tanks March 2016

How to Start a Running Habit March 2016

General Reporting


New York Times

Fighting Bedford-Atlantic Shelter Plan June 2009

 Personal Essay 


Seven Reasons to Love Your Age, August 13, 2011
Fighting the fear and learning to surf at 42.


Running From Herself – April, 2010
I was a woman obsessed with ass.  My own and others.  I was mesmerized by the latitude, longitude and positioning of the toosh.  In its potential for perfection.  To manage my fixation, I ran no matter what, in strange cities and unknown country roads. (more)

Behind the Bedroom Door  (Delacorte Press, 2008)

"Under the Influence", personal essay published in 2008 anthology


Is it Wrong to Date the Guy You Used to Babysit? – August, 2006
The only David I’d known was a 9-year old I’d nannied when I was 19 and living in London for a few years.  Surely this 6-foot sexpot wasn’t the same tow-headed monster ... (more)


Struggling to Pay the Mortgage on My Mind – February, 2005
They fly out of my mailbox every winter like a swarm of locusts.  Computer-generated loan-consolidation mailers promising relief from the student-loan blues. (more)

Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood

Emailing Ellen – 2004
Our company president paced before us in miniature Ferragamo shoes, her furrowed brow crowned by a platinum beehive. With her short, tyrannical stature she smacked of Kim Jong II preparing to invade Madison Avenue. (more)

Love Junkie: Getting High For Daddy  (Kindle e-book)

Book Reviews


Tottenville Review

Conquering the Horse
One Day I Will Write About This Place by Binyavanga Wainaina
Spring 2012


The Observer

How Meth Mesmerized Father and Son
Tweak by Nic Sheff  and Beautiful Boy by David Sheff
February 5, 2008

New York Post

I Dream in Blue by Roger Director
September 9, 2007

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