Personal Training

The main reason for private personal training at your home is to minimize distraction and noise at most gyms.


We have an initial complimentary assessment, where I determine your baseline strength, endurance and flexibility. We discuss your goals  and I give you my fitness recommendations to reach those goals. The main things you will need is your own personal mat and a willingness to commit to your fitness and tackle any barriers that you feel are standing in the way. If you have a home gym, I determine what would fit best with your program, however it's not necessary as I bring all the equipment we need. 


The most important thing I always emphasize is form because without proper alignment people run into trouble with injuries and disappointment. Form is the bedrock of our work together

and my goal is always to teach my clients how to execute movement safely and effectively, so clients could effectively train themselves. 

After we've met a few times, we review your original goals and determine what may need to be tweaked. I encourage clients to speak candidly about their progress, and any ongoing adjustments they feel they need. 

If you're interested, you should contact me over the phone or email.